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Submarine 17 from Janna Kool on Vimeo.

Submarine 17

Video of 1:30 minute.

Client: NAUTA architecture & research

NAUTA architecture & research is active in a.o. Italy, the Netherlands and China. 17 is Nautas submarine. "With this submarine we travel through knowledge, we investigate arguments, news, facts that will drive our work and operations."

Made by Janna Kool, jannakool.nl and
NAUTA team: Maurizio Scarciglia, Maria Vlagoidou and Yingtian Zhang, nauta17.com

Short movie about traveling, urbanism, landscape, public buildings, public space and houses.

© by Janna Kool and NAUTA architecture & research

Vis Vitalis from Janna Kool on Vimeo.


Vis Vitalis

Animation of 1:21 minute

Aquarel drawing, video, edit in pc.
In edition of 20.


"In the poetic and warm Vis Vitalis, the train is a immediately recognizable effect. A fish in a bowl, making a trip in a drawn image behind the bowl which slides past: a friendly horizon.


This tour is about the contrast between imagination and emotion versus ratio, culture versus nature. Illusion, alienation and even humor go hand in hand."

(Text: Anonymous)


Made and © by Janna Kool

Lead or leader from Janna Kool on Vimeo.


Lead of leader

Animation of 1 minute.

Black paper, scan of paintings and edit in pc.


Do you let you life lead by fear for the unknown? Or social pressure, ambition, curiosity?
Choose your life, or get lived.

This animation, made with cut out papers and digital drawing is based on two paintings of Doro Krol, shown at the end of the animation.

With special thanks to: Kristina Fransbach (fransbach.de) + Doro Krol (dorokrol.nl)

Made and © by Janna Kool

AMOEBA, the movie from Janna Kool on Vimeo.



Animation of 0:29 minute.

Charcoal and photographic machine.


A moment in the life of Amoeba.


Made and © by Janna Kool





Opdracht voor Kopvol - psychologie en architectuur, hieronder twee stills uit de animatie; droevig over ziekte en route naar genezing
Kopvol animatie voor presentatie
'Beware of trains' gemaakt met schilder Joost Heijdemann
Animatie in bioscoop
Animatie in bioscoop
'Vis Vitalis' is een combinatie van video en tekenen in de computer
Animatie in bioscoop
Animatie in bioscoop
Stopmotion animatie 'oTo' met houtskool, papier en fototoestel
oTo - auto animatie met houtskool

Dvd te koop





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